Rainstorm Studios

A feature-filled project studio: record, mix, master

Ideal for the right projects: Voiceovers, tracking, mixing—remote or in-person—and mastering.

Contact us to find out if you'll be at home here.

Our Philosophy

We serve the art and the artist. There is no need to make you sound like someone else. We work hard to bring your uniqueness to the front, whatever that may be. Don't follow dogmatic rules for the sake of it.

Generally, simple is best. Our ears are our best gauge.

The Tech

Of course there is tech involved. From a microphone selection, to vintage outboard gear, to the latest plug-ins, it's all here to be in service to the art.

The Vibe

No stress. Get some tea, light a candle, and do what you do. You'll get as much, or as little assistance as you desire.


Send an email to contact@rainstormstudios.com, or ping on Mastodon: rainstormstudios@mastodon.music.